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Mission and Values

The mission of the Finance and Management Agency is to provide quality and sound financial and human resources management that support and enhance the effective, responsive, and courteous delivery of services to the citizens of Oakland.

We accomplish this through the implementation of industry best practices that have proven successful. We approach our work with confidence, competence, dedication, and commitment.

Business Goals:

  • Safeguard the City’s financial and material assets by maintaining strong internal controls, ensuring equity and transparency in our processes, adhering to established financial policies and procedures and complying with legal fiscal reporting requirements.
  • Provide City agencies and departments with an excellent, skilled, diverse workforce through active outreach, recruitment, hiring and promoting qualified candidates, particularly Oakland residents.
  • Minimize the City’s financial risk associated with workplace injuries and claims against the City for harm to persons or property.
  • Promote parking opportunities throughout the City by fairly enforcing parking regulations and quickly responding to customer-service requests.
    For more detail information about our Agency, view our budget.
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