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    The Revenue Division:
    • Collects, records and reports on all City revenues;
    • Deposits Citywide collections;
    • Enforces and monitors the provisions of the City's ordinances and,
    • Complies with the State of California reporting requirements pertaining to the following taxes and fees:
      • Business License,
      • Mandatory Garbage,
      • Utility Consumption,
      • Real Estate Transfer,
      • Parking and Transient Occupancy.
    It assists with the yearly assessments for:
    • Landscape and Lighting,
    • Franchise and Fire Suppression Assessment,
    • Underground Utilities and Measure O;
    It also prepares, reviews, and approves requests for:
    • Business License,
    • Mandatory Garbage,
    • Real Estate Transfer,
    • Damage Claims,
    • D.U.I.,
    • Parking Violations and,
    • Represents the City in Small Claims Court.


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